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Gourmet Glastonbury

29 Jun

I must apologise for my recent silence. It’s been a bit hectic and then last week I enjoyed my first ever experience of Glastonbury festival. Wow. I could bore you here with tales of my welly wearing and minor celeb spotting (was it Dick or Dom off of kids TV? We weren’t sure which one) but it’s a food blog after all, so I’ll give you a little taster of some of the festival fodder I spotted on my muddy travels:

1. Old fashioned lemonade from a solar-powered stall. The perfect cure for a hangover in 30 degree heat

2. Proper fruit and veg! The first festival I’ve been to where you don’t have to eat dirty burgers (but I still had one of those too!)

3. Vegan meals. I have never seen so much vegan food in one place!

4. You name it, you can eat it. Ostrich burgers, a tea tent with over 20 varieties, pies, paella and more than one stall selling delicious Goan fish curry. Yummy.

I was genuinely surprised by the quality of the food on offer and with 250 delicious food stalls to choose from and plenty of beer to wash it down, I’m not entirely shocked I put on a couple of pounds over the weekend!

Healthy stuff


Taking baking up a gear

8 Jun

Blogging about blogging is a personal pet hate of mine. However, when a colleague passed on the link to this fantastic food blog I just had to give it a mention. This cupcake queen takes experimental to the next level, making my efforts at creativity look pretty standard! Check out Bake it in a Cake, the blog which does exactly what it says on the (cake) tin.

It’s talented author has tried everything; baking a Twix into a chocolate brownie, doughnuts in a cake and even Cadbury Creme Eggs in buns – talk about a chocolate fix! Her recipes are easy to follow, photography is mouth-watering and her trusty followers even upload their own concoctions. 

I’ll be having a think about my own crazy concoctions this weekend. Will keep you posted!