Best Barcelona food: Nem Sitges

6 Oct

Don’t panic, during our trip to Barcelona, the boy and I managed to find some excellent eateries.

The first one I’d like to tell you about was actually about 30 miles outside of Barcelona in a lovely seaside town called Sitges.  It’s a very gay-friendly party town with a gorgeous church on the seafront and some lovely bars and restaurants. Whilst I had a lovely time there, it’s lacking a little bit of that authentic Spanish charm that we’d seen previously during our holiday, however, restaurant Nem is well worth a visit to Sitges, if you go for no other reason.

Nem calls itself a tapas bar and to an extent, it is. The small but perfectly formed menu is made up of sharing plates. Six was enough between the boy and I, but there wasn’t a patatas bravas in sight. The dishes are fusion style, Spanish inspired for sure, but with some British influences, unsurprisingly, given that the lovely owner and chef is a super authentic cockney. The menu changes monthly, depending upon the local delicacies in season.

The dishes we chose included; a warm tomato and cheese salad with fab home-made pesto, brie and mushroom tart, beef carpaccio, steak and blue cheese salad with pears and walnuts,bonito with tomato salsa and Catalan tomato bread. They were all incredible, so fresh and tasty.

And if that wasn’t enough, pudding came tapas style, too. We ordered a vanilla custard dish and french toast. Stunning. Coupled with a lovely bottle of rose, the whole meal was less than 50 Euros, and one of the most delicious I’ve ever had.


The steak, amazing


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