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Poor House, Leeds

2 Nov

Smokey times at the Poor House

Last night I went along to the opening night of Poor House, Granary Wharf, a new bar and restaurant from the owners of champagne bar, Epernay. The offer of free food and drink just across the road from work was too good to miss.

The main attraction of the place is the location. A part of town quickly increasing in popularity, it’s at the opposite side of Granary Wharf from Fazenda etc, in what used to be the Olive Press. The water comes right up to the windows and the view of the canal is very lovely.

Poor House has a rustic, American barbecue feel, with a smoker in the centre. I can’t say whether it works or not, but the smokey smell is certainly abundant and atmospheric.

The menu looks nice, ribs, steaks, mac and cheese and other American favourites, with a whole menu dedicated to gin! I liked this touch.

We were able to sample some of their ribs, pulled pork and chicken wings, which were pretty good, the barbecue sauce was definitely the best bit. There were a few of us round the table, so the samples didn’t last long, but what I tasted was good. The musical entertainment was strange but cute, a lovely chap with an impressive walrus mustache serenaded us with us ukulele.

I’d like to pay another visit and sample the mac and cheese, but a word of warning – I wouldn’t go anywhere else after a meal at the Poor House, the smell is too much. It lingered on my clothes and hair all the way home, I felt like I’d been to an early bonfire. If I was going for a night on the town after dinner here, I’d take the Fabreeze in my handbag.

Lots of gin and friendly bar staff