Wakefield Rhubarb Festival

24 Feb

This weekend we braved Baltic conditions to pay our first ever visit to Wakefield Rhubarb Festival. Living bang in the centre of the (sort of) famous rhubarb triangle, I thought it was about time we went to see this homage of the local delicacy.

A lovely farmers market greeted us outside the cathedral – a smaller version of the Leeds Loves Food festival, but a great excuse nonetheless to stuff our faces on a Friday afternoon. A few mulled ciders, chocolate brownie, pulled pork sandwich and a rhubarb-flavoured sausage later, we sought shelter in one of the town’s newest cafes, Deli Central. It’s a lovely place serving some fabulous homemade goods, but I only had space left for a small glass of wine…

In the festival’s demonstration tent, we caught a glimpse of the Fabulous Baker Brothers and their rhubarb recipes and I learnt that the ingredient can go with…pretty much anything! Although I’m yet to give it a try myself at home.

Now, I’ve never been Wakefield’s biggest fan (it’s a long story) but it’s great to see a bit more going on there, with decent new eateries opening and a new shopping centre with a good mix of one-off shops and high street favourites. My opinion of the place is slowly starting to change from images implanted on my brain of drunk young girls vomiting outside pound shops, to somewhere I might venture to a little bit more often!


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