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Coke’s secret is out

15 Feb


This is a difficult thing for me to say, so I’m just going to come out with it. My name is Julia Round and I am addicted to Diet Coke. There, I’ve said it. I don’t know what it is but that stuff can get me through a day at work with a smile on my face!

So, I was pretty pleased when I saw in this morning’s papers that the closely guarded recipe for Coca-Cola has finally been revealed. Rumour has it that the 130-year old recipe has been kept under 24-hour guard in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia. But, what the top dogs at Coke failed to keep under wraps was a photograph on page 2 of the local paper in Coca-Cola’s home town, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, dating back to Feb 18th 1979 which shows a handwritten page of recipes from a pharmacists notebook. The pharmacist in question is John Pemberton, Coca-Cola’s inventor who starting selling the drink at drug stores in the US.

It’s not taken much to fight the urge to try to recreate the stuff in my own kitchen. Sounds like a complicated and messy process! Ingredients include; caramel, citric acid, lime juice, cinnamon and coriander. Added to which, the task would be almost impossible given that one of the ingredients, fluid extract of coca, is not simple to get hold of. It’s basically coca leaves which have had cocaine stripped from them (is this why I am so hooked?!) Interestingly, Coca-Cola has an arrangement with the Drug Enforcement Administration in the US which allows the importation of these leaves and only one factory in the country is allowed to process them.

So, for the time being I’ll stick to buying my regular fix, but whilst researching this Coke dilemma, I came across another way to get my daily dose of Diet Coke. Check out this recipe for Diet Coke chocolate cake. Bit of an oxymoron if you ask me – just like when I order a DC with a quarter pounder and cheese at the McDonald’s drive-though! Let me know if you’ve given it a go!