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Reclaiming the weekend

31 Jan

This weekend I made a pact with myself. No longer will my┬áspare time┬ábe dictated by hours upon hours of reality tv. I will instead watch the best bits in fast forward (can’t go cold turkey just yet) and spend my previously lost hours cooking delicious dinners for my loved ones. Seriously, could they draw out those shows for any more hours? They’ve turned into a full evening’s committment!

So, this Sunday I bypassed Dancing On Ice (a former favourite) and cooked a variation on a theme of lasagna.

Pork and pancetta lasagna

Fry red onions, garlic and mushrooms in some butter and then add the pork mince. Fry until browned and add chicken stock, white wine and fresh parsley, then cook until it reduces. Then make a traditional white sauce, and add nutmeg and a good few spoons of ricotta cheese. Then, layer up the lasagna, alternating mince, pasta, pancetta slices and white sauce. Top with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, more parsley and bake.

Ok, I never said these recipes would be healthy. It’s one guilty pleasure for another.

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