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The Fast Diet fry up

8 Apr

Yes, I’m still on the Fast Diet. It was going quite well (5lbs loss) until I got engaged (eeeeekkk!) which is pretty much an excuse to eat out and drink champagne as much as possible for a minimum of two weeks. The diet went out of the window. But now with a wedding to slim into (eeeeeekkk!) I’m more determined than ever so shed a few more pounds.

This post is designed to prove that, even on such a restricted diet, you don’t need to give up your favourite guilty pleasure foods.

A closet fan of the potato waffle, I really fancied some comfort food today and devised the following Fast Diet version of the rather naughty fry up:

  • 2 x Birds Eye Potato Waffles, grilled (210 calories – don’t go for the own brand version, they have nearly double the calories for some reason)
  • 1 x slice of boiled ham (35 calories)
  • 1 x 150g tin of Heniz Baked Beans (109 calories)
  • 3 x grilled mushrooms with a sprinkling of oregano (48 calories)

Total calories = 402

That still left a few calories for a little snack at work. I realise this might not be the healthiest use of my 500 calorie intake, but my Fast Diet fry up hit the spot today.

One of my finer culinary blog posts....

One of my finer culinary blog posts….


Sweet-tasting broccoli

24 Aug

Working in PR, I know that some news stories need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Not because they’re lies, we’d never do that, but some do use a little bit of creative license. I’m in two minds about this one…new sweet-tasting broccoli has been launched in Tesco, to persuade more children to eat their greens. I didn’t know that we could just ‘invent’ new vegetables.

But Tesco isn’t the first retailer to hit the headlines with new fangled healthy fruit and veg. After announcing the papple ( a cross between a pear and an apple) Marks and Spencer has recently brought the grango into our lives. A grape that tastes like a mango? Really? Apparently they’re on sale until the end of September, but I haven’t seen any yet.

Are these genuinely healthy, new varieties of healthy food to help us get our five-a-day? Or a new PR tactic to entice health-conscious shoppers into supermarkets?

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