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Magnum Pop Up Cafe, Westfield Stratford

22 Aug

On a cheeky trip to the Olympics, I finally paid a trip to the Magnum Pop Up Cafe.

It’s the opportunity to customize your very own Magnum, from the flavour of ice cream, topping and even chocolate coating. Delicious. Choose from 18 weird and wonderful flavours, from popping candy, and rose petals to sprinkles and sauces, the choice is certainly varied.

The pop up has been open all summer, but will only be around for another week or so, shutting on September 5th. What flavour would you choose?

Magnum Menu


Very nice ice cream at Veritas

24 May

Just a quick post to share with you a very pretty ice cream I enjoyed at Veritas, Great George Street in Leeds. Not quite the manly option that chap whose birthday we were celebrating was hoping for but tasty nonetheless. I personally enjoyed the vintage dessert. Yum.

Ice cream in a tea cup

Fenocchio ice cream – naughty but Nice

13 May

Spoilt for choice

Last weekend I spent with friends on a hen do in the fabulous Nice. A beautiful city with turquoise waters and well-dressed locals. It wasn’t ready for a hen do and I don’t think it wants to see another one in a hurry.

During the day we did the tourist thing and one of the bridesmaids got me rather excited about this famous ice cream parlour. Fenocchio. I couldn’t resist. Fenocchio boasts a number of shops nestled in the winding streets of Nice’s old town. With nearly 100 flavours including; lavender, tomato and basil, rosemary along with the more conventional flavours. I was spoilt for choice. Given my love for all things cinnamon, I went for specaloo flavour. It was delicious.

I just wish we hadn’t had so much of a headache that we could have gone back the following day to try another flavour.

Well worth a visit.


Me and my ice cream in Nice old town

New Haagen Dazs with chocolate, pralines and cream

23 Aug

Pass me a spoon...I don't usually have ice cream for breakfast

I’d been away with work. The boy had been on night shifts. We hadn’t seen each other for three days, so when he came  in, very sleepy at 7am and the first thing he said to me was “I bought some new ice cream…and I don’t think I like it….” I knew it was bad news.

He led me to the freezer and demonstrated exhibit a. It’s “Haagen Dazs” I thought, it can’t be that bad. But then I saw the flavour and I too was horrified – it was my all time favourite ice cream (Haagen Dazs Pralines and Cream) but the delicious vanilla ice cream had been substituted for chocolate. “What…that just doesn’t go” was my immediate reaction as I grabbed a spoon. Chocolate ice cream. Nice. Pralines and cream. Nice. Together….a recipe for disaster. I was most upset.

That evening after work the boy started another night shift and I settled down after tea to some trashy TV, really craving something sweet. Yes, I took out the ice cream about which I had been so horrible only hours before and polished off most of the tub. I was already converted.

Bizarre. It’s grown on me like a bad, cheesy pop song and I’ll defo be purchasing again. A boring account of my Thursday evening perhaps but my point is – give it a go!



It’s not just any ice cream…it’s Percy Pig ice cream

20 May

In my job I do a lot of work with a famous ice cream brand so frozen treats are firmly on my radar. And I have good news: In a stroke of genius, Marks and Spencers has launched its iconic Percy Pig sweets into the ice cream aisle. Percy Pig-aholics are going crazy and our curly-tailed friend is even trending on Twitter as we speak.


Oink your way to the freezer. It's Percy Pig ice cream