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Sweet-tasting broccoli

24 Aug

Working in PR, I know that some news stories need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Not because they’re lies, we’d never do that, but some do use a little bit of creative license. I’m in two minds about this one…new sweet-tasting broccoli has been launched in Tesco, to persuade more children to eat their greens. I didn’t know that we could just ‘invent’ new vegetables.

But Tesco isn’t the first retailer to hit the headlines with new fangled healthy fruit and veg. After announcing the papple ( a cross between a pear and an apple) Marks and Spencer has recently brought the grango into our lives. A grape that tastes like a mango? Really? Apparently they’re on sale until the end of September, but I haven’t seen any yet.

Are these genuinely healthy, new varieties of healthy food to help us get our five-a-day? Or a new PR tactic to entice health-conscious shoppers into supermarkets?

Healthy stuff


Cooking for friends

14 Feb

With the boy working late tonight, my thoughts turned not to a romantic Valentine’s meal for two, but to my pending girl’s night in on Saturday with three beautiful friends from my university days. Starting to think about what I might cook, I turned to Lorraine (Pascale) for inspiration. Some things to consider: Firstly, I actually want to see them, rather than spending the whole evening concocting and creating in the kitchen. Secondly, one is pregnant and I knew there were some food rules around that….Thirdly, one is a recovering vegetarian, brining with it a whole new set of rules!

Lovely pregnant friend quickly sent over a list of menu no-goes which didn’t bring with it too many surprises, except parma ham, who knew? And then of course the wine, but that’s another blog post in itself, the poor girl.

So, Lorraine’s lamb tagine it was. Easy enough to prepare in advance.

That was, until lovely ex-vegetarian friend came back with the vegetarian criteria. Nothing cute. She’s not a vegetarian any more, but she still doesn’t eat cute things. So ducks are out but chickens are in. Baby sheep are a no go but grown up cows? Apparently fine! She is so hilarious. And I am currently adapting Lorraine’s tagine recipe.

And that wasn’t the only shocking food news I received today. Call me naive but I did not know that Lochmuir was a brand name invented by Marks and Spencer, specifically designed to sound like a Scottish village that might farm salmon. The media went mad about it today, but I actually think it’s quite clever…

I'll keep you updated on Saturday's take on tagine.

It’s not just any ice cream…it’s Percy Pig ice cream

20 May

In my job I do a lot of work with a famous ice cream brand so frozen treats are firmly on my radar. And I have good news: In a stroke of genius, Marks and Spencers has launched its iconic Percy Pig sweets into the ice cream aisle. Percy Pig-aholics are going crazy and our curly-tailed friend is even trending on Twitter as we speak.


Oink your way to the freezer. It's Percy Pig ice cream