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My Masterchef predictions

7 Mar

I’m getting too excited about this programme. It’s a bit embarrassing. During a conversation with a colleague earlier on this evening I think I decided the fate of the remaining four. I hope Gregg and John are listening:

Jay: A deserving winner but it’s not going to happen. The hard man turned chef isn’t bothered about stick about his soufflés down the pub and I love him for that. He’s thrown himself at the competition which is clearly a million miles from his real life. I have a soft spot for Jay but I think he’s the first gonner tonight. I think he blew it last week in Thailand during the best Masterchef challenge ever.

Tom: He’s the next to go for me. Dubbed the favourite for some time he ticks all the boxes: shy northern plasterer with a penchant for fine dining. But he’s just made too many mistakes for me. Sorry Tom. However, if the cooking doesn’t work out there’s some plastering work for him at my place. I didn’t know tradespeople could be so tidy until last week’s vt on ‘a day in the life of Tom.’ Plasterer Tony, take note.

Andrew: I think he’s the runner-up. Most of his food has looked incredible and he’s been delivering since day one. His tapas during the European round was amazing and I’ve been wanting to go to the restaurant he worked in ever since. I’m excited to see what he does next.

Shelina: The beautiful Shelina is my winner. Her Mauritian street food is unique, elegant and has that unusual twist, reminiscent of the cuisine of Masterchef winners gone by. Some of her desserts have been amazing and on a couple of occasions I actually thought Gregg the pudding king Wallace was actually going to faint. She’s done a fantastic job of refining her food as the series has gone on and made a visible improvement. Here’s to a long and successful career!


Shelina is my winner (image courtesy of


Is Masterchef corrupt?

17 Feb

I really hope not. It’s my favourite. But reports just in are not looking good. According to the Daily Mail (so to be taken with a pinch of salt!) plasterer Tom did not have the souffle success that we were led to believe.

And to be fair to the Daily Mail, I did notice this myself when watching a couple of weeks ago. It must be a production nightmare to make this programme anyway – let’s face it, even the rubbish food never looks that bad. I imagine there’s a home economist on hand to make the final tweaks so that the food looks Michelin star-ready.

But whether the souffle was fact or fiction, I do hope this doesn’t dash Tom’s chances in the competition.

I hope Masterchef is real...

Masterchef revisited

27 Apr

We love you John and Gregg!

Despite my previous comments, I successfully became hooked with this year’s Masterchef and am pretty disappointed that in just a few hours it’s all going to be over. 11-weeks in and I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for our final three and held my breath along with them during this Easter weekend Masterchef-athon as an array of judges have dug into their lovingly dished-up delicacies.

A couple of my particular highlights from this series; the sneak peak into John’s homelife in Sydney on Easter Monday and Gregg’s chilli hiccups thanks to Jackie’s heavy-handed spice!

The series, despite its cringeworthy beginnings, has been thoroughly enjoyable and my fingers and toes are crossed for the first woman Masterchef winner since Thomasina Miers in 2005. Sara has been consistantly strong throughout the competition, hasn’t crumbled under pressure and produced food which has inspired me to hit the kitchen (I myself have not had quite the same success just yet!) Congratulations to Tom on his new found kitchen cleanliness! And good luck to Tim and his brave, experimental flavours – but my money’s on Sara. Roll on 9pm.

Masterchef goes X Factor

17 Feb

Welcome to Boot Camp

What do we think of the new format of MasterFactor? Sorry, Masterchef. The cult cooking show has changed. The pesky producers have meddled and turned an interesting, insightful hour of cooking into commercial cringe. And it’s brilliant.

I tuned in a few minutes late last night and joined proceedings with cockney carpenter James strolling into the studio with his three burley mates. The familiar voiceover asked “will James have what it takes to impress the judges.” Probably, given that you’ve gone to the effort of filming his friends in such a cheesy manner. As the episode unfolded I was then presented with a mum of three who came “all the way” from Kent (love it!) only to get two ‘nos’ and fall into the arms of her awaiting loved one amidst sobs of tears, whilst Gregg and John looked on emotionally.

My rant is running away with me, so just to recap for those of you who aren’t aware: We have a new ‘audition’ phase of Masterchef, whereby wannabe contestants cook a dish of their choice with the last ten minutes of the meal prepared in front of Gregg and John, who then do the taste test. Two yes’ and you’re in, two nos and you’re out. Divide the panel and you get a ‘lifeline,’ a chance to come back, cook again and hopefully change the offending judges’ mind.

So now the hour-long show consists of: interviews with loved ones waiting in the wings; cheesy, emotional music and newsworthy back stories with less than likely Michelin-star candidates (poor Terry from Northumberland joined the army instead of pursuing his love of food when he left school as his family couldn’t afford a set of knives. I actually felt sorry for him.) Last night I even saw Gregg wipe away a cheeky tear when it all got a bit much. All sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?

So, I can only imagine that next up it’s judges houses. A long weekend chez Torrode or chez Wallace would be brilliant. I’d have my fingers crossed for chez Wallace if it were me – pudding eating and shouting? My favourites!