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The return of the scotch egg

9 Mar

Picnic anyone?

The One Show, famous for its amusing, topical and often pointless features pulled another great one out of the bag on Friday, the return of the scotch egg , and it’s new status as a culinary delicacy.

Scotch eggs, the classic picnic food formally at home along side mini sausage rolls, pork pies and vol au vents are boiled eggs covered in sausage meat rolled into a ball and covered in breadcrumbs. What’s not to like…? After some extensive research (typing it into Google) it seems that the scotch egg is indeed making a comeback.  But how has the scotch egg managed to turn its reputation around from cheap and nasty party food with famous advocates like Big Keith from The Office, to Michelin star worthy fodder?

Olive magazine has placed scotch eggs on the foodie cool list for 2011 and apparently we can expect to see scotch eggs cropping up on gastro pub menus and in expensive deli counters across the country. Could this be because Heston Blumenthal has put the once humble scotch egg on the menu of his Michelin-starred pub The Hinds Head? Everything he touches these days turns to gold and it looks like everyone is eager to jump on the scotch egg bandwagon.

 This all seems to go back to my point that we all seem to love bit of nostalgia. Food doesn’t get more British than a scotch egg and now chefs are thinking back to their school days for inspiration rather than to exotic countries with weird and wonderful cuisines.

Fortnum and Mason claim they invented the scotch egg in the 18th century as a handy portable snack for men on their travels and they are now back on the deli counter in their shop. You can pick up an Ostrich egg version for £75 if you need to satisfy your craving…Scotch eggs were a childhood favourite of mine so I for one am celebrating their return. 

 Final fact about scotch eggs. They actually have nothing to do with Scotland. The name actually derives from the verb scotch which means to chop.