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Dear Morrisons…

4 May

I was delighted to hear that as of May 3rd you would be extending your opening hours until 10pm on an evening. “This is going to revolutionise my Monday nights” I thought. No, I actually did. I really am that sad. Every Monday night (or pseudo Monday just like yesterday) I tootle down to my local Morrisons store in my Ford Ka  and fill up its boot with as much food as the weekly budget will allow. This is a task in itself given my love of an after work wine, my partner’s hearty appetite and our part-time four-year old with a taste for pizza, mini sausages and baking buns.

I do not complain about the store’s car park being on a hill (not easy to negotiate a trolley around) or the fact that which ever spice I have run out of from my collection, the shop is sure to be out of it. NO MATTER which one it is.

I have never mentioned the fact that the self-checkout machines do not work and that there is no phone signal in the store at all, other than next to the chicken breasts and minced beef. I am patient when I need to phone home to find out if we need loo roll or toothpaste and simply park myself next to the fresh meat to make that quick call.

However, may I please suggest that if you’re going to be open until 10pm at night, you fill up the shelves with enough food to fulfill these hours. Last night’s shopping efforts were made very difficult when Morrisons Rothwell had run out of nearly everything. And it was only 7pm.

Thank you.


Supermarket Scrabble

23 Mar

Check out the latest Facebook craze sweeping the internet and the supermarket shelves. Supermarket Scrabble has finally injected some fun into the weekly shop, as ordinary people set about making cheeky words out of items found along the aisles and then uploading them to the Facebook group to be judged by fellow ‘Scrabblers.’ A great idea to cheer up shoppers as they embark upon this dreaded chore. It even put a smile on the Daily Mail’s face!