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The boy’s birthday at Blackhouse Leeds

25 Feb

Blackhouse’s the Grill on the Square in Leeds was where we chose to celebrate the boy’s recent thirty-something birthday. Not one to make a fuss, the evening was an intimate affair with just the two of us enjoying a three-course feast last Sunday.

I don’t mean to gush but it was no doubt one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. The birthday began with a baked Camembert (calories don’t count when you’re celebrating, everyone knows that.) Served with toasts and celery sticks for dunking, it was warm, delicious and creamy. Hell, it even made the celery taste good! Whilst I tucked in the boy enjoyed Thai fish cakes which I know were tasty as he didn’t offer to share.

For the main event I ordered ‘posh surf and turf’, a succulent, smoky sirloin served with scallops, crayfish and prawns – three of my favourite things together on one plate. Yum. The accompanying chips, although served in a slightly cheesy mini version of a basket from a deep fat fryer, were awesome. The boy tucked into a kobe burger as recommended by a close friend, a great choice. We washed the main courses down with a lovely bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and felt full, smug and happy.

Tempted by the pudding menu we both fancied the winter berry crumble with honey and ginger ice cream. Placing our order with the friendly waiter he informed us that the dessert was “quite big” and we may be better sharing. To this, the boy replied; “thank you, but look at me, I clearly don’t share puddings, we’ll take two” in a Joey-esque fashion. Unsurprisingly, we weren’t up to the challenge and I left some crumble.

A fantastic meal -well worth a visit. This is making me soooo hungry, I’m off to make some dinner…..

Happy birthday to the boy (picture courtesy of Blackhouse)


Being a wine snob

29 Jul

I’m not a wine snob. I’m a wannabe wine snob. My parents…they are wine snobs. And quite rightly so. They’re lucky enough to take an annual trip to the vineyards of France where they buy enough quality vino to get them through every weekend (and some weekdays) until the next trip over the channel. Some of the madames et monsieurs at the champagne houses know them by name. Their garage doesn’t house a car, it has wine in.

My mum is a headteacher at a primary school. This does not marry well with wine snobbery. As the end of term draws in, the kiddies (well, their mummies and daddies) start turning up to school with a cheeky bottle or two as a thank you pressie. Now obviously this is super kind and my mum is really grateful, but it’s about this same time of year that she comes round to see me, armed with some “presents”. So whilst she and my Pa go home to enjoy a lovely bottle of Grand Cru from Burgundy, I settle down in my flat with something slightly more….vinegary.

This does not help in my quest to become a wine snob.

But hey, it’s free wine and times are hard. And tonight, to celebrate my first week in a new job I thought I deserved a glass or two.

Let’s raise a toast to my rockin’ Friday night. WordPress and questionable wine.

My journey towards wine snobbery continues.

Bottoms up.

A new trend for wine

14 Mar

Being a wine fan (quite a big wine fan) I thought I’d share some interesting wine news from this week’s Grocer, the bible of the food industry.

According to industry experts, Britain is gearing up to stock its fridges with chilled red wine, a tipple already enjoyed in the warmer climes of Europe. This summer, E&J Gallo will be the first brand to launch a ‘summer red’ wine in this country, made especially for chilling. It’s set to go down a storm over the summer months as people dine al fresco and the BBQ season kicks in.

I’m a bit of a rose girl myself, currently trying to ween myself onto red, so this sounds right up my street. I’m into the lighter, new world wines and I think I could get a taste for the summer red! Looking forward to it hitting the shelves.