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Poor House, Leeds

2 Nov

Smokey times at the Poor House

Last night I went along to the opening night of Poor House, Granary Wharf, a new bar and restaurant from the owners of champagne bar, Epernay. The offer of free food and drink just across the road from work was too good to miss.

The main attraction of the place is the location. A part of town quickly increasing in popularity, it’s at the opposite side of Granary Wharf from Fazenda etc, in what used to be the Olive Press. The water comes right up to the windows and the view of the canal is very lovely.

Poor House has a rustic, American barbecue feel, with a smoker in the centre. I can’t say whether it works or not, but the smokey smell is certainly abundant and atmospheric.

The menu looks nice, ribs, steaks, mac and cheese and other American favourites, with a whole menu dedicated to gin! I liked this touch.

We were able to sample some of their ribs, pulled pork and chicken wings, which were pretty good, the barbecue sauce was definitely the best bit. There were a few of us round the table, so the samples didn’t last long, but what I tasted was good. The musical entertainment was strange but cute, a lovely chap with an impressive walrus mustache serenaded us with us ukulele.

I’d like to pay another visit and sample the mac and cheese, but a word of warning – I wouldn’t go anywhere else after a meal at the Poor House, the smell is too much. It lingered on my clothes and hair all the way home, I felt like I’d been to an early bonfire. If I was going for a night on the town after dinner here, I’d take the Fabreeze in my handbag.

Lots of gin and friendly bar staff


Friends of Ham

16 Aug


Friends of Ham

It’s always exciting when a new, not so run-of-the-mill place opens in Leeds. It doesn’t happen very often.  The recent arrival of Vineatily has resulted in quite a bit of hard-earned cash from myself and my friends being parted with behind the bar there. But it is totally worth it!

But now there is a new kid on the block, with a lovely, quirky name, Friends of Ham! You’ll not be surprised to hear that the main delicacy on the menu is ham, whilst its ‘friends’ consist of; cheese, lovely wine, specialty beers and specials including pork pies and fruit cakes with Wensleydale.

Situated on the station approach road in the centre of Leeds, I’ll be honest, it isn’t the most glam and happening part of town. But I don’t think that matters. It’s a little haven amongst the buses, trains Yates’ of this world!

Walking into the deli/wine bar can at first be mildly confusing. It’s a tiny room, engulfed by a large meat slicer with a few mini stools squeezed underneath a makeshift bar for good measure. It’s small to say the least. But where the magic really happens is downstairs, where Friends of Ham opens up into an oasis of shabby chic, comfortable and relaxing, not at all pretentious. Its Shuffleboard table, faux library wallpaper and sturdy, rustic wooden tables are crying out for long, lazy afternoons of drinking. So on an afternoon off work last week, that’s exactly what we did!

The range of ham, cheese, wines and beers served is extensive, originating from all over the UK and Europe. The food is served on lovely wooden platters with bread, crackers and chutneys.   Delicious. They even serve port for a bargain £2.50 – I certainly have more of the menu to sample!

Friends of Ham, 4 New Station Road, Leeds.

Some ‘friends’ but no ham


Leeds Loves Food

31 May

Me, the sunshine and my chicken

This weekend I spent a very sticky Sunday afternoon at millennium square, checking out the Leeds Loves Food festival.

Every restaurant in the city you could think of had a stand there, so choosing lunch was tricky. Having the little one in tow did save me from an afternoon sat outside the stand hosted by champagne bar, Epernay. Not a bad thing for my waistline or my wallet.

Nonetheless, we had a lovely afternoon checking out the food the city has to offer. For my lunch I decided on some delicious Korean chicken skewers from Chino Latino’s bbq, a Pan Asian delight served in a fabulous oriental tray. A lovely detail. And for my main course, a safe, by scrummy slice of authentic Italian pizza from Casa Mia, all rounded off with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Whilst we ate, we watched a demonstration on the main stage from Gaucho on different cuts of beef. Very amusing given that this was demonstrated on a bloke!

A must visit again next year.

Very nice ice cream at Veritas

24 May

Just a quick post to share with you a very pretty ice cream I enjoyed at Veritas, Great George Street in Leeds. Not quite the manly option that chap whose birthday we were celebrating was hoping for but tasty nonetheless. I personally enjoyed the vintage dessert. Yum.

Ice cream in a tea cup

Vineatily, Leeds

3 May

A wine dispenser? Why have I never heard of this before?

I was delighted today to be introduced to one of Leeds’ newest eateries, Vineatily. In a quiet corner of town overlooking a pretty part of the canal, this Italian bar and deli, which happens to be very close to my office, is set to become my new local.

Run by some very fabulous Italian gentleman who’s English is delightfully broken, the food is 100% home-made and the wine list is extensive.

The menu ranges from homemade lasagna and paninis, to grills and desserts, whilst in a corner of the shop, the gents sell their authentic Italian sauces and snacks. The deli even boasts a wine dispenser (something which I’ll be investigating to have installed in my own home!) Just credit a special card at the bar and fill up as  many times as you like from a range of Italian wines. Brilliant.

I tried the classico panini for lunch – simple but delicious cured meat and mozzarella. Yum. And with cocktails starting from £5.50, you’ll be able to find me there most Fridays after work.

Visit Vineatily at Granary Wharf in Leeds.

Authentically Italian

Iron Cupcake: Leeds

1 Apr

Sunday night cupcake tasting at the Adelphi? Go on then.

Forget the Sunday night blues, this evening I swapped homework for home baking, paying my first visit (why have I never been before?) to Leeds’ own iron cupcake competition.

Not quite yet brave enough to enter, tonight I played the roll of judge.  Armed with my ‘eater’ badge and favourite foodie friend in tow, I made my way around 13 batches of cupcakes, each with their own take on this month’s theme: Easter.

The cupcakes were to be marked on both appearance and taste and each interpreted Easter in a different way; from hot cross bun and simnel cake cupcakes, to sticky gooey, chocolatey Easter egg cupcakes. But they all got me in the mood for spring (and made me feel very nicely full.)

The winning cupcakes were a chocolate, Cadbury’s Creme Egg concoction, all put together in a delightful chick-tastic display that had clearly taken a lot of time and effort. They were yummy. But my personal favourite were a lemon and white chocolate variety, with colourful, flowered decorations. Coming in a respectable third, the lovely lady who baked them let me take the last one home!

Iron Cupcake competitions originated in the states and the lovely Zoe runs the Leeds-based battles with the help of her delightful mum, who even hands out baby wipes at the end for all those sticky fingers! Fabulous. The competitions are held monthly at the Adelphi in Leeds and I’ll certainly be there next month – although not sure yet whether my badge will say ‘baker’ or ‘eater.’

What I have learnt this weekend: people who bake professionally are the nicest people in the world.

These were my favourite...but the others were yummy too!

Cakes and Camembert at Kirkstall Deli Market

31 Mar

The beautiful Kirkstall Abbey was the setting for my lunch of many courses today as I paid my first visit to Kirkstall Deli Market. Taking place on the last Saturday of every month, the market brings together the best local food producers around, showcasing everything from bison burgers to home-brewed beer. Today, the abbey hosted some familiar faces from the Leeds foodie scene such as Salts Deli and some new names too.

Despite wishing I’d arrived as soon as the doors opened to ensure a parking space (carnage) I was in foodie heaven. After a few laps of the stalls and some cheeky free samples, I polished off a starter of an Indian onion, coriander and rice roll, then tucked into the main event, a juicy, flavoursome venison burger, courtesy of  Round Green Farm. Packing the boy off to work with an Oreo cookie chocolate brownie, I went home with friends to get out of the blustery conditions and enjoyed tea and cakes, purchased from the very friendly ladies at Number 37 cafe. Those passionate bakers are certainly not shy with their portions!

Not one to know when to stop, a few more courses were also purchased, so the eating carried on well into the evening. In fact, I write this having just polished off an awesome fish pie, created by new take away fine dining experts, the Secret Kitchen. The Mediterranean Yorkshire fish pie contained succulent seafood and a generous helping of mushrooms and spinach, topped with ploenta and parmesan. Although the presentation wasn’t top notch and no cooking instructions were enclosed, I didn’t care. It was amazing.

And tomorrow, we have vension sausages for breakfast, followed by a selection of cheeses from Cryer and Stott Cheesemongers. Gym on Monday…?

Piling on the pounds in lovely surroundings.