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Belated pancake post

12 Mar


J was flippin' brilliant at pancakes!

Yes, I’m aware Shrove Tuesday was days ago…but I’ve had a cold…this is my excuse for the late posting and I’m sticking to it!

Anyway, this Tuesday I hosted a little pancake party and squeezed some of my favourite friends into my small but humble abode. After a main course of savoury pancakes (basically amended pasta bake recipes) we got onto the important bit…pancake pudding. I was delighted to see my friends’ pancake-eating rituals and we each ate our fair share. I’m making up for it at the gym this weekend!

My cooking-phobic friend J sprang into action as we whisked the mix and started the flipping process. I was incredibly impressed at the first round of pancakes she produced, directing guests to the “pancake station” (top of the microwave) to choose their toppings whilst the rest of us watched on with a beer or two.

And my buttie-loving friend K didn’t disappoint with her choice of topping, or rather, filling. She creatively wrapped a whole banana within the pancake, fajita stylee whilst her other half earned the title of “best tosser” – his pancake toss earned a significant round of applause. Meanwhile, the rest of the boys topped their pancakes with a mixture of every single topping we had. Standard.

The pancake/buttie/fajita/spring roll

The pancake station